Team Effectiveness

We specialize in assisting leaders and organizations in aligning their teams quickly for fast growing,  distressed, market-changing or turn around organizations.  Our focus with leaders of these organizations is to build a custom process that meets agreed upon measurable outcomes for the team.   Basically our goal is to assist your team in achieving its goals in a prompt and in a sustainable way.

CoachingOne method of building teams is to provide the team with an executive coach. Although, we are available to coach on an individual basis, our preference is to coach the full team. This allows us to get to a bilateral process of communication and understanding of the obstacles and challenges, and also to collaboratively reach successful outcomes.

• Coaching would include an assessment of the individual and team personalities, and monthly or weekly discussions and actions plans as a team and as individuals.

• Individual Coaching would include personality assessment, interviews, 360 feedback, individual coaching and action plans.

Performance ManagementWe are here to assist you with developing a tool that aligns your organization, differentiates performance, and allows your organization to perform at a higher level. Often Performance Management is an overlooked process because of complexity or difficulty in implementation, we will design a process for your organization that is efficient and evolutionary.

• Performance Management assessment will be developed using the tools best for your organization. We can develop competency, objectives, skills, or metric focused performance assessment processes to you.

• Depending on your needs, we can develop a full cycle process that includes calibration, compensation processes and development. In addition, we will train your leaders on the process and how to leverage it to drive performance and alignment with business objectives.

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