Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions are exciting and challenging for most organizations. Many mergers fail, not because of technology or products, but because of people. Common challenges are a lack Human Resource experience or time to properly assess an acquisition or merger.

We will conduct your due diligence, providing you with financial and people insights for the following areas:

• Talent Assessment  • Policy and Procedures  • Benefits

 • Payroll  • Hiring Processes

Veritas will provide a formalized assessment with strengths and opportunities so you can make a sound people decision as well as a sound financial decision for any merger or acquisition opportunity.

Talent Assessment & Hiring Procedures

We will review job descriptions and performance data to provide you with a list of high potentials, key employees and retention employees.

In addition, if able, we will interview key leadership members for competencies and skills needed for a healthy and fast transition. Understanding current leaders’ ability to manage and lead change is essential to your transition into one organization.

Veritas will review hiring processes and platforms for the new organization leveraging our understanding of the key skills and talent needed for the future organization.

Policies & ProceduresNothing is more important to the integration of an organization than aligning key policies and rules of conduct for the new organization.

Veritas will cover such areas including:

• Vacation

• Sick time

• Medical leave

• Harassment

• Compliance

• Code of conduct

We will list each policy and differences as well as cost for changing each, and a recommendation to move forward.

Benefits & PayrollFor many organizations, the biggest people challenge are cost related to payroll and benefits. This can be a difficult transition unless you have experts who can assess the data provided by your payroll provider and broker. Although, many providers and brokers will provide recommendations, Veritas will ensure that you have synergies from the merger or acquisition that fits your business needs for payroll and benefits. We want your goals to be achievable, while retaining key employees.

We will work to compare vendors and brokers for you and provide a recommendation for your organization moving forward. In addition, we can negotiate new agreements for your organization on your behalf.

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